Diary of a Noob: Unboxing of a new board

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Diary of a Noob: Unboxing of a new board

To start, each board is different, each board is great in their own way.

The experience of a first ever unboxing is an immensely exciting one. If you have been one of the lucky customers you would know all about it. 

These electric skateboards are the future of transport, and the future they are part of is out of a movie. Ever seen Back to the Future?, that's a 1989 futuristic movie basically about the future... the one we are heading to and literally one more step to go before we are taking these Evolve Skateboards and floating over the land.

We won't be needing all these other automobiles as much as we do today, which is actually getting less and less. Just take the Stoke for instants, it's compact, light enough to take up most places, quick, and can get you to one side of a small town and back whenever you need. The GTR and now Series 2, takes you off-road and on the streets. It has powerful motors and very impressive battery life, forget small town end to end. Rather think New York downtown to uptown which is easily 38km. Then we have the God father, or God period! Hadean which is Greek for basically a risen God from down under. Yes, this electric longboard (which comes in carbon fibre and bamboo) has basically in other words made it to hell and back. So the name says it all, this board won't just go further than the others, faster than the others but it will also go through almost anything. The perfect statement would be; hang on and be prepared to be blown away!

So back to the beginning, just the feeling of having one of these unopened boxes in front of you gives one urges in ways you never thought. Then opening each edge of the box, to finally reveal the future of personal transport...

Wow, is all that should really be said.

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