-Can I use the GTR battery (standard and travel) and Bluetooth motor controller on my Carbon or bamboo GT board?

Sorry but the GTR electrical components are a different shape and size and cannot fit our earlier board designs.


-What’s the difference between the GT series boards and the GTR series boards?

The GTR series boards is like the GT but on steroids! The GT skateboards were designed back in 2014, the GTR is the 2019 model.  Every part of the GTR board has been improved from build quality/strength, raw materials, electrical components, software and ride quality.  The GTR uses Bluetooth technology along with new patent pending battery technology which delivers an extremely smooth power delivery performance and is exhilarating to ride!


-Will the new Bluetooth remote work with my old GT series board?

No.  The R2 Bluetooth remote can only communicate with the GTR Bluetooth motor controllers.  The GT boards use Wifi communication when operating, the GTR uses Bluetooth communication when operating.  If these remotes are swapped then the remote cannot pair to the motor controller.


-Can I use the GTR motor on my GT board and visa versa?

No.  The GTR motors have custom water proof connectors and can only connect to the GTR Bluetooth motor controllers, they will not assemble to the GT motor controllers.


-Can I take my GTR battery on a plane?

The standard 14AH GTR battery cannot be taken onto any plane due to being too large.  However, the 4.2AH travel battery (151.2 watt hours) can be taken onto a plane with airline approval prior to boarding.  The travel battery can only be stored in carry-on luggage, carry a maximum of 2 pieces per person and you must notify the airline during check-in (or in advance) that you have spare batteries in your possession.  Our travel battery is 151.2 watt hours in size and this fits within the 100 – 160 watt hours range.


-Will my old battery charger work on my GTR series skateboard?

No.  The GTR charging port is shaped like the letter D making it impossible to use any previous Evolve charger.  The GTR charger cannot fit any older Evolve board due to being a D shaped connector.  The reason we changed the connector shape is to prevent people using non evolve chargers and potentially damaging the power flex battery.


-Is my carbon or bamboo GTR series board waterproof?

No, the GTR board is not water proof.  Having said that, we have made every effort to seal up the electrical enclosures to prevent water getting in in the event of being caught out in the rain when riding.  Riding in wet conditions is very dangerous due to slippery surfaces and can put stress on the wheel bearings and motors, not to mention you get wet and dirty when riding.


-Will the Evolve app work with my GT board?

Anyone can use the Explore by Evolve app, however the over the air update features and the customise dial will only work on the GTR series boards due to Bluetooth connectivity.


-How long will my battery last before it needs replacing?

Samsung 35e cells have an expected capacity drop of 40% after around 500 cycles


-Can I use my Carbon GTR battery on my Bamboo GTR board and vise versa?

No, each battery uses different connectors to assemble to the motor controller and they cannot fit between each other.


-Why is more GTR board losing top speed during my rides?

The GTR board will be its fastest when the battery has full charge.  As you use the skateboard the battery is losing power which results in a reduction in top speed during the ride.  Top speed will slowly reduce as the battery loses power. 


-Why is my GTR Skateboard going into heat protection?

Heat protection will be activated when the motors or battery are extremely hot.  Different riding styles can effect heat in different ways.  For example, if riding on grass with consistent speed changes, for the board to have enough power to move the rider it must use maximum current which in turn heats up the motors very quickly which may cause the board to go into heat protection mode.  If the rider mostly rides fast speeds on hard surfaces with small amounts of grass and hills for longer periods of time then the entire electric system heats up more evenly and will most likely not reach the heat protection modes.  The motors do cool down very quickly by riding efficiently (holding a speed on hard surfaces) or letting it rest for a few minutes.  The heat protection is necessary to protect the board from being over worked.