• Pre-order your Bamboo GTR for July 2020

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Pre-order your Bamboo GTR for July 2020

Make it yours

Lead the charge.

Evolve focuses on developing expertly crafted,

lightweight electric skateboards

with cutting-edge technology

to synchronize top performance

with intelligent, safe and reliable internal systems

for a premium personal electric vehicle

commute and the ultimate fun-fueled craft.  


Power at your fingertips

Choose your adventure

Pre-order your Bamboo GTR here

Shop Bamboo

Own it now, Pay later.

Find out more

Ride the endless wave

Turn corners will into apexes, open stretches into runways, and wide open paths will make your list of favorite powder runs!

explore the lineup

Evolve Cape Town

57 Prestwich Street

11 Victoria Junction

Cape Town



Mon-Fri 11h00-14h00

Get here and ride the GTR